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Yacht Rentals Los Angeles: How to Rent a Boat and Yacht in LA

The yacht has always been a symbol of wealth and success in modern America. However, you don’t need to be a member of the Hollywood elite to explore the best sailing the City of Angels has to offer.

The yacht has always been a symbol of wealth and success in modern America. However, you don’t need to be a member of the Hollywood elite to explore the best sailing the City of Angels has to offer. With affordable yacht rentals in Los Angeles from OnBoat, you’ll find that cruising the waters of the Pacific Ocean has never been easier.

Why Rent a Yacht in Los Angeles?

Most people don’t even consider yacht rentals in Los Angeles because when they think of LA, they think Hollywood, star-spotting, and vast urban sprawl. The truth is the largest city in Southern California has a lot to offer those who love being on the water. Opt for an unforgettable birthday celebration on a yacht or choose a bachelorette party aboard the vessel to create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

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Quick Facts

Suggested Airport
Los Angeles Intl
Average Temperature
79.8°F / 26.5°C
Annual Sunny Days
More than 330
Best Boating Season
Year round
Stay Aboard Index
4 stars

Check Off Your Maritime Bucket List with a Los Angeles Yacht Rental

At first glance, the biggest city in Southern California might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of a party on a boat, but there’s a surprising amount to explore a mere stone’s throw from the city. With OnBoat, you can visit some of these incredible destinations:

Marina Del Rey

Visit the famous seaside community on the edge of the La-La Land and join more than 5,000 other boat owners. This water creation destination is the most popular weekend destination for LA residents and visitors alike, whether you’re looking to relax or live it up at a party. Fun fact: it’s the biggest man-made, small-craft harbor on the continent!

Catalina Island

Visit the ocean-side Shangri-La just to the southwest with a boat rental in Los Angeles. Available for day trips or an overnight stay, sample one of the most magical delights of California’s maritime offerings. From the high peaks of Mt. Orizaba to the cabanas of the City of Avalon, whether you want to enjoy some incredible nature or party in the art deco-inspired Catalina Casino, you can do it here.

Newport Beach

Head to the Balboa Peninsula at Newport Beach for its two piers, old-school amusement park, and ocean views. Known for its big waves and unmarred stretch of sand, grab your friends and rent a party boat in Los Angeles for a stop at Corona del Mar State Beach. If you’re looking for a little culture, why not head to the renowned Orange County Museum of Art? Whatever your tastes, there’s something to do for everyone at the infamous Newport Beach.

Palos Verdes Peninsula

Head south and cruise by the stunning Palos Verdes Peninsula. Sitting atop the iconic bluffs, you’ll spot the City of Palos Verdes. The rugged landscape of Southern California is a wonder to behold. Note that the peninsula is only for viewing from the water; renters can't dock at this destination, but the views are worth it. Quieter than many other common sailing destinations, it’s an excellent destination for those looking for a tranquil day on the water.


There’s a reason why the rich and famous choose to live in the nearby City of Malibu. Check out some of the most iconic residences in California while sailing along the 27-mile coastline. This pristine stretch of California is well worth taking a charter boat out for. Take note: powered boats cannot dock in Malibu without prior approval, but the scenery alone is well worth making Malibu a part of your route further afield. It’s also a great option if you don’t have the time for a longer charter trip.

Lies Quietly Next to Los Angeles

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How to rent a yacht in Los Angeles?

Are you worried about the cost of boat rentals in Los Angeles? In a city known worldwide for glitz and glamour, it’s a valid question. OnBoat’s mission is to make enjoying the Pacific Ocean access ible to everyone, and our boat rentals are designed not for the rich and famous but the average American. From experienced skippers looking for an adventure to newbies looking to get their feet wet, there’s something for everyone. Los Angeles offers the perfect birthday party yacht rentals, providing an ideal opportunity to celebrate in style aboard a luxurious yacht. Here’s how to book your luxury getaway in LA:
  1. Choose your preferred yacht. We provide clear details on the cost, the time, the type of boat, and how many passengers it can accommodate.
  2. Select your date. We’ll update you on availability as soon as possible. We strive to do everything we can to accommodate your needs.
  3. Pay the price. We accept all major payment methods through our website.
  4. Receive your confirmation email immediately.
  5. Within 24 hours, we’ll confirm the availability of the boat and your captain. If there are any problems, you can opt for a full refund or change your dates and your boat type.
That’s it! Our simple five-step booking process will have you looking forward to the trip of a lifetime. Join the thousands of Americans exploring the best maritime adventures LA has to offer and book your boat today.
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How much does it cost to rent a yacht in Los Angeles?

The cost of chartering a yacht in Los Angeles varies from the yacht size, length of the yacht charter as well as the seasonality factor. Charter rates typically range from less than $289 for two hours to $5,000 plus for a full day yacht rental. There are also day charter options to go to Catalina Island or Channel Island which can cost $4,000 to $10,000. Los Angeles Party Yacht options will also include catering and open bar options.

What yacht charter is popular in Los Angeles?

When choosing your Los Angeles yacht rental, keep in mind the party that’s going to be joining you. For example, consider a catamaran boat rental out of Los Angeles if seniors or children will join you out on the open sea. A catamaran provides stability that you won’t find on a monohull sailboat. This makes it much easier to walk throughout the deck as well as around the interior of the yacht. Of all the yacht rentals in Los Angeles, a catamaran gives you plenty of space to lay about on the deck . Not to mention, those who are seasick-prone will feel the ocean’s motion significantly less.

What charter to choose: Los Angeles Luxury Motor Yacht

While yacht sailing has an ingrained essence of adventure, motor yachts offer a unique versatility that should definitely be considered for your next Los Angeles yacht party rental. Many of these allow up to 12 people. The benefits of a motor yacht are plain. These beautiful vessels are powerful and bring an element of speed to your voyage. Therefore, you can sail for greater distances at a faster rate than a traditional sailing yacht. So, feel the breeze in your face and explore greater areas when you charter a boat out of Los Angeles, especially if you choose a motor yacht

What charter to choose: Los Angeles Party Boat

Have a special event coming up or want to enjoy a fantastic weekend, consider a party boat charter in Los Angeles. A glamorous yacht party in Los Angeles will give you and your guest an unforgettable experience. You can check out all the Los Angeles Party Yacht rentals.Many offer the latest in modern electronics and entertainment systems. Host a karaoke night to show off your impressive vocal talents. Better yet, enjoy dancing to a club-class sound system.

What to do before you board a charter boat in Los Angeles?

For first-time charterers, get well-versed in sailing etiquette before your yacht charter in Los Angeles. Feel free to ask us or the yacht captain any questions before your voyage. To help you with some of the most common questions about booking your Los Angeles yacht charters, here are some handy tips: ● In general, wear boat-friendly foot attire. Avoid high heels or hard-soled shoes since they can risk damage to expensive teak decks. ● Protect yourself from the sun by bringing along a tube of sunscreen. ● Smoker’s, be aware that the majority of yachts will not allow smoking inside, if you’re uncertain, double-check with the captain. ● If you’re prone to seasickness, consult your physician ahead of time to see what medication will ease your symptoms.

While aboard

Experience the ocean when you rent a boat in Los Angeles as you cruise through the open waters. You should enjoy the sights of the sea life around you -- be sure to keep an eye out for any dolphins or whales. Also, bring snorkel gear to take a refreshing dip. Most importantly, always put on sunscreen before relaxing on the deck. The bottom line is you’re on a boat. The responsibilities of sailing and the agenda belong to someone else. The only decision to make while on a yacht is to let go and enjoy the ocean around you.
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