Party Yacht Ibiza - Long Beach

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(80 passengers)

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Welcome to Party Yacht Ibiza, the most hip & vibrant party yacht in entire California

The main salon area features a spacious tatami bed that can accommodate small groups for cozy gatherings. You can also find comfortable sofas, tea tables and bar tables for dining or entertainment purposes. A large dance floor with 8 powerful JBL speakers and a separate cylinder subwoofer creates a dynamic sound environment. Two 65″ flat screens are able to play slideshows or videos from iphone or ipad. A service bar and buffet table are located in the rear area, along with flexible space for extra food or seating needs. All power outlets come with USB ports, so you can charge your phone anywhere on the yacht.

The second level offers a rooftop-style outdoor lounge with a partially covered sitting area and an open-air space. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy the sea breeze, sunshine and a fun day on the water. Four large Bose outdoor speakers with separate receivers deliver high-volume sound as needed. You can connect your own music via Bluetooth to both levels’ sound systems.
We recently added a DJ booth with professional DJ mixer & speakers & lights at upper level, free for use. If you plan to hire a DJ, please have your DJ to bring their own laptop and turntable(controller)

Base price includes 3 hours private yacht charter & rentals, fuel, captain and deck hands. On top of the yacht rental price, additional dock fee of 10%, platform service fee 12% will be added at checkout.Have questions in regards of the fees ? Please refer to Q & A section

While aboard, you are required to leave your credit card on file for any damages during the event, amount of damage to be determined by end of charter.
3 hours private party yacht charter harbor cruising plus 1 hour for setup: $3,599.99
Extra hour rate: $1,000 for each extra hour
Food & beverage option:
All open bar packages come with welcome champagne and mimosa, serving starts at 15 minutes prior to departure, ending at 15 minutes prior to docking. There are CA sales tax and 15% service fee on top of the open bar package, the 15% service fee is to cover bar setup, one time expense for the bar such as ice and chasers and limes, bartenders base salary etc, does not include gratuities
Click here for our pdf menu or if you would like to order, click here for our online order page.
The job duty of stewards/stewardess is to pass around food and beverages during the event, You may choose stewards option at check out if you bring your own food and need our staff to serve.
By law it is prohibited to bring your own beverages to a liquor licensed facility
You may choose your favorite catering service in the event our catering menu does not meet your needs, it is not mandatory to order catering with us, however a $300 cleaning fee will be charged for outside catering. No cleaning charge towards finger food, fast food, dessert , cake bring in to the yacht.

To book the yacht, pay the base price in full online under “book now”. Optional service, food & drinks can be paid 10 days prior to your event.

An installment option is available for 2 month or later event, 50% deposit is required to book, please note that the 50% deposit is not refundable while you decide to cancel in the future. In this case, choose the deposit option to pay the deposit, balance due 10 days prior to your event. We will email you a link to pay the balance.

The Gorgeous Party Yacht is currently operating in Long beach, California

Why Long beach is the best harbor cruise choice ?See following reasons:
A special place where you can enjoy the calmness and beauty of the ocean without getting seasick. Thanks to the 8.5 miles long breakwater, the water is always smooth and serene, perfect for a yacht ride or a kite boarding adventure. You can also admire the wildlife, such as seagulls, pelicans, sea lions and even dolphins, that live in the harbor.

The harbor is not only a natural wonder, but also a cultural and historical attraction. You can visit the Queen Mary, a retired ocean liner that is now a museum and hotel, or the Long beach city skyline, a stunning view of the urban landscape. You can also explore the Long beach harbor beach front, a sandy shore with many amenities, or the multiple manmade islands inside the harbor, each with its own unique features. You can also witness the largest commercial harbor in the entire US, where giant cargo ships and cranes operate day and night.

Q & A
Q: What is the dock fee, what’s that for? What is the platform service fee, what’s that for ?
A: The dock fee is the passing payment to the dock management in Long beach, who is providing the commercial dock to load and unload guests,free parking is included.The platform service fee is charged by Onboat management, to provide website booking and customer service, as well acting as an escrow to ensure both parties are protected
Q: What is the parking situation ? Can I leave my car there overnight ?Is the parking lot bus accessible ?
A:Parking is onsite, free of charge, just do not park at those spaces marked with limited hours. Overnight parking is ok. Bus is accessible.
Q:Can I play videos or slideshows on the TV ?
A: Yes, we can stream videos or photos from Iphone or Ipad
Q:Can I play music from my phone or Ipad through bluetooth ?
A: Yes, or you may use the Ipad at DJ booth to play music from Pandora or Spotify
Q: What happen if it’s raining, will the event be canceled ?
A: Usually not, the yacht is capable for harbor cruise even it’s raining, the lower level is 100% waterproof, you will stay dry and comfy.
Q: What if the weather is too cold or too hot, does the boat come with AC and heater?
A: The main level comes with AC and heater, it is comfy in any weather conditions. Upper level is partially open environment, just like an open patio in the middle of water
Q: I’m sensitive with motion sickness, will I get seasick while the yachtt is cruising
A: Not really, the yacht is doing harbor cruise, which is always inside breakwater, therefore it’s pretty steady, most of the time you don’t feel any movement, it only happens for a few seconds while there is other boat passing through in close range
Q: What is your cancelation policy, can I book it then cancel it anytime without penalty?
A: Unfortunately not.Please be 100% sure before you make the reservation,if you decide to cancel, the minimal penalty is 50% of the entire charter price, or you will lose the deposit you paid, which is 50% as well. However, we do allow 1 time rescheduling for free, requires 7 days or more notice.
Q:Any dress code ?
A: No, it is totally up to you
Q:How is the food been served in case I order the food from your menu
A: The food will be setup at designated buffet area next to the bar, self service. Unless you hire extra stewards/stewardesses to serve the food .
Q: Can I do mix match on open bar ? what if some of my guests are not alcohol drinkers or underaged
A: No, all guests except underaged must have the same open bar packages, in terms of open bar situation. We recommend cash bar service in case of many of your guests do not drink alcohols
Q: I’d like to pay for all my guests’ drinks on cash bar, is that ok ? I’d like to pre purchase certain amount of drinks from cash bar , how should I do it ?
A: Yes, you may open a tab with bartender so that all guests order will bill to you. Yes, you may buy drink tickets from the bar then hand over to your guests
Q: What is the payment form at the bar ? Can I swipe credit card ?
A: We accept cash, zelle, venmo, apple pay, cash app etc. And yes, we take credit card as well.
Q: Are tips included ? What is the 15% service fee for in terms of food and open bar orders ?
A: No. gratuities are not included in open bar or cash bar prices . The 15% service fee is to cover food and bar setup, event supplies and staff base salaries.

Tour Details

A 2018 Skipperliner Party Motor Yacht

A 81' Party Motor Yacht, with all comfort equipment aboard. 0 sleeping cabin(s), 2 restroom(s)

Captains and Crews
A friendly and knowledgeable local captain is ready to show you the fun
Average 6 knots during the boat charter trip
Included Hours
3 hours from leaving the dock. Extra hour option is available while book.
Approximately 20 miles
Max Passenger Count
80 passengers max per coast guard regulations. Including children of any age.
Music and Audio
Bluetooth audio connection is supported.
Food and Beverages
Cash Bar or Open bar service is available.
No hidden fee!
 Yacht rentals, captain and crew members, fuel,port fees, are all included in the price. $300 setup & cleaning fee is charged for outside food; Gratuity is excluded, it is greatly appreciated as it is a main source of income for event crews, usually no less than $100 per crew per event
3 sets of Hi FI sound system throughout the yacht, State lights on upper and lower levels for enhanced party environment

Rules and Etiquette

Keep Clean
Please keep the boat clean at all times.
Pets are not allowed
Smoking is prohibited in any enclosed space. However, smoking is allowed outside in the open space.
OnBoat Safety Boating Announcement:
In order to maintain our top safety standard, All Onboat boats are fully equipped with safety gears according to federal regulations, all captains in service are furnished with valid Coast Guard captain license.

Activities During the Tour

Beautiful Long Beach and San Pedro harbor
Beautiful Long Beach harbor, famous yachts and boats, San Pedro and Rainbow Harbor, Pacific Coast
Cute animals
Sea lions, Seals, dolphins, Sea birds are very often been spotted year around. Whales are seasonal, often been seen during Jan to Mar.
Enjoy the ocean and sea breeze
Just enjoy the ocean and sea breeze with California sunshine
Wedding parties, graduation parties, proposal, romantic getaway, sweet marriage anniversary

Route Map

tour route map

9 reviews for Party Yacht Ibiza

  1. Matt M

    My girlfriend and I were looking to throw a great “boat party” and found Kevin & OnBoat crew online. Throughout the entire process, Kevin was extremely accessible and pleasant. He even helped move his boat closer to us so that our group could easily attend. When we arrived, the staff was extremely nice and welcoming. We had a bartender, Roman, who ended up spicing up the party while serving guests drinks. There was music playing the whole time, on both floors. We had a group of ~60 people and there was plenty of space. The party was a huge success. Each and every one of our guests thanked us for having them aboard. 10/10!

  2. Mitch X

    Best venue for my wife’s B day party, the yacht is very spacoius for 60 guests, the speakers are making ground quake, bartenders are mingled with us very well, the whole team is professional,respectful, I strongly recommend this yacht and the team, it is so much fun for a big group considering the price you paid, best value

  3. Alic D

    I wanted to have a swanky party and this yacht exceeded my expectations

  4. Marilou Fernandez

    Captain Seth and his crew were FANTASTIC!! I couldn’t have asked for anything more for my birthday!! The yacht itself was gorgeous, the crew was accommodating an fantastic. I opted to cater with them to make my life easier and the food was delicious. I’m thinking of celebrating my birthday here a yearly thing!

  5. Christopher Rivas

    Captain and his crew were FANTASTIC!!!! The yacht itself was gorgeous, the crew was accommodating and fantastic. Will be booking again soon..

  6. Kelvin Chuong

    We held a birthday party and ordered the full Ibiza bar for our guests. There were two bartenders one ‘experienced’ and one who said it was their first day. The new bartender worked diligently, whereas the ‘experienced’ bartender kept complaining to my guests. She began to complain to my guests that they weren’t making enough and when people didn’t increase their tips, told the trainee to not pour as fast.

    Captain and rest of crew were great.

  7. Stephania Jefflo

    I had a great time celebrating my birthday and retirement party last night. Everyone enjoyed themselves.

  8. Stephanie Smith

    I threw my husband a surprise 30th birthday party on the yacht and it was amazing! We had about 60 people and it was super comfortable. Many friends have motion sickness but it was not a problem on this boat. The crew was AMAZING and the price is unbeatable! Found a DJ that worked on this boat before and the vibes were immaculate! Highly recommend!

  9. Gregg Mullery

    We had my daughter’s wedding reception aboard Ibiza. Captain Mogul did an awesome job of piloting us around the Long Beach Harbor area. Bar manager Sandy was terrific with her cocktails, drinks and great personality. Deckhands Gabriel and Jose made sure everything was in order during our yacht cruise. Stewards Tanner and Miles made sure all the food was properly placed and passed out to our guests.

    It was a wonderful experience under the “Harvest Moon” on September 29th, 2023. I’m sure all that attended will remember this wedding reception for the rest of their lives.

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    Image #1 from Gregg Mullery

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