Yacht Charters at Vancouver, Canada

Warmest City in Canada

Vancouver has endless variety, with one of North America’s most dense urban centers, yet, with the world’s best urban parks, encompassed by wild mountains and waters. This city’s polyglot ethnicities, combined with proximity to the world’s best seafood, make the local dining out very fun. There are also all kinds of museums, and a vibrant performing arts and music scene. Almost 11 million tourists a year visit, with the good reason. Vancouver is one of the world’s best environments for human beings to enjoy a great quality of life. The surrounding beautiful bays will instantly beguile you to rent a yacht in Vancouver. You will want to rent a boat in Vancouver to see this city at its best, from the ocean. We offer a variety of Vancouver boat rentals, as well as boats for parties in Vancouver to choose from. Charter a yacht in Vancouver to see this how the ocean makes this city shine. A Vancouver rental yacht is the best vantage to view this city and its stunning back drop of mountains and bays. When you rent a boat in Vancouver, you will see myriad islands, bays, and a rugged coastline rich in history and nature. Your Vancouver boat rental can also take you to nearby historic villages and destinations. If you are lucky, you may even see an Orca. Onboat has curated a collection of select Vancouver charter yachts for you to choose from. A boat rental in Vancouver is how this city was really meant to be celebrated. For yacht rentals Vancouver has many outstanding destinations. Some of these include:

  • With your Vancouver yacht rental you can pick up your boat rental in Vancouver and sail up to see spectacular granite waterfalls cascading into the ocean. An option on the way is to dock your boat at Deep Cove village to take a stroll, or, spend more time here as part of a day trip. Bring a picnic or disembark to explore this seaside village full of restaurants, coffee shops, and the famous Honey Donuts. This trip is the best Vancouver boat rental choice for windy days as the waters here are more protected.
  • Charter a yacht in Vancouver and see the wild side. Hire a boat in Vancouver to take you to Palm Rocks, the basking grounds of around 150 Harbor Seals, and if you choose to go a little further, the Canada National Bird Reserve. Here, you will enjoy amazing views of water and mountains. Along the way you will pass Stanley park and get a stunning view of the Vancouver city skyline. This trip is more open ocean, so, on a windy day, we instead recommend you take your Vancouver charter boat on the waterfall or a harbor tour. If you want to add a short stop, or extend to a day trip, visit Bowen Island near downtown. This is peaceful beautiful seaside village is full of interesting sights, shops, great restaurants and coffee shops.
  • A great half or full day trip can be made or combined with Deep Cove, a quaint seaside village, or Bowen Island, a peaceful island community and village. Either locations have shops, excellent restaurants, and coffee shops. Pick up your boat rental Vancouver and sail away for lunch in a quiet town! Bowen island is especially near downtown and great for a quick quiet getaway on a power or sailboat rental in Vancouver.

Quick Facts

Suggested Airport
Vancouver Intl
Average Temperature
65°F / 18.3°C
Annual Sunny Days
More than 260
Best Boating Season
Summer and Fall
Stay Aboard Index
3 stars

Southern Most City in Canada

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