Yacht Charters at New York

The Big Apple

The “Big Apple” as New York City is known, is a city of superlatives. By urban area it is the largest city in the world, and, by population in the top ten. New York city is the financial capital o

The “Big Apple” as New York City is known, is a city of superlatives. By urban area it is the largest city in the world, and, by population in the top ten. New York city is the financial capital of the world with the most billionaires of any city. It is a cultural, entertainment, media, diplomacy, and education hub. World-class museums abound, including the Natural History Museum, The Guggenheim, the Metropoolitan Art and Modern Art Museums. Be sure to take a stroll in spectacular Central Park. This city also has the largest foreign-born population in the USA, including the largest Chinese community. If it were a country, it would be the 12’th biggest economy in the world.

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Quick Facts

Suggested Airport
Newark, La Guardia
Average Temperature
Spring and fall is mild, summer hot and humid, cold winters
Annual Sunny Days
More than 224
Best Boating Season
Spring, Summer, Fall
Stay Aboard Index
5 stars

Why charter a boat in New York City

A must do activity is to charter a yacht in New York. A New York charter yacht is the perfect way to appreciate this great urbane scene. This metropolis, with the islands of Manhattan and Staten Island, and boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx, is surrounded by water. Rent a yacht in New York City to see the best views! The storied Hudson River forms the western boundary with New Jersey. Hire a New York charter boat and enjoy the amazing view. Take your New York boat rental and sail in the Hudson River, back-dropped by “The Palisades”, dramatic cliffs of volcanic, hexagonal basalt columns. Sail in New York Harbor, the world’s largest. Charter a boat in Long Island Sound to the east. Choose form New York yacht rentals to the Statue of Liberty! A boat rental New York style really puts a shine on the Big Apple! Hire a yacht in New York for a celebration. For your New York events and corporate parties, a party boat in New York City will make it extra special!

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How to rent a yacht in New York?

Yacht rental in NYC has never been easier. OnBoat allows you to find the perfect private boat rental in NYC with our curated top-of-the-line experiences. Ready to embark on an ocean voyage? Browse ou r yacht selection to find the one that best fits your party. After you find a boat rental in New York that calls out to you, you’re already halfway done. Just click on “Book Now!” Directly after, you’ll be given the yacht description and the course you’ll be set on. Just select your sail date and time and you’ll soon receive a confirmation email. Then, get ready for your adventure! For assistance booking your luxury private yacht rental in NYC, please contact us at 1-844-500-2628 ...Show more

How much does it cost to rent a yacht in New York?

For out-of-towners visiting the “City that Never Sleeps” or native New Yorkers, it’s always a good time for a private boat charter in NYC. If you are looking into a yacht rental in New York for a special event such as a birthday or a beautiful night out on the water, consider a 6-passenger yacht. These sea vessels are a perfect escape from the busy city. To seek refuge and peace with nature, OnBoat is the greatest way to find the yacht that fits your party size and budget. On one of our 6-passenger charters, explore the grandeur of the famous New York City skyline. You and your intimate party can enjoy a drink as you sail past the iconic landmarks that populate Manhattan and its surrounding sights.

What yacht charter is popular in New York?

Booking the “Glamour Girl!” package gets you and a dozen of your closest friends on board the “Justine,” a majestic 97-foot yacht. Embarking from Jersey City, this yacht charter around NYC will give you a night of glamour and zest. While it’s a perfect ride for a day trip or an evening out, you can also book this yacht to sail up the Hudson towards Long Island. You can book an overnight stay with eight of your friends, as well. A bonus treat, the Justine now works exclusively with Executive Chef Anthony David Pino to give you a dining experience in the Harbor. Pino is a hallmark chef in the New Jersey food scene.

What charter to choose: Sweet Juliet

Searching for the perfect boat rental to NYC for a wedding, bar mitzvah, or company outing just got easier. Consider the Sweet Juliette. This gorgeous yacht will stun you with its immaculate main deck salon letting you soak in the Manhattan skyline with a drink from the full-service bar. Fine cuisine is provided by the open-air galley. Simply make your way to the upper deck to take in the city lights as you dine and cruise through the harbor. While the Sweet Juliette normally sails out of Jersey City’s Liberty Harbor, you can request this yacht for NYC pickup.

What charter to choose: Ernest Hemingway

Stop right here for a yacht that is the epitome of grace and charm. The Ernest Hemingway is a 72-foot yacht equipped to give you either a luxury fine-dining cruise or to ignite the adventurer in you. Whichever way the wind takes you, the Ernest Hemingway has something for the boat-lover in all of us. There are younger yacht and boat rentals in NYC; however, this 1973 custom-built cruiser has been remodeled and updated to provide modern amenities. You’ll be left in awe from the gorgeous Corian, teak, and stainless galley as well as the varnished mahogany and teak afterdeck. To top it all, feel like royalty on the Ernest Hemingway as you enter the main salon through the double French doors.

What to do before you board a charter boat in New York?

If this is your first yacht rental in NYC, then you may have questions that need to be answered before you board. Ask if pets are allowed on board Make sure that you’ve booked a pet-friendly yacht if you plan to bring a pet. There are plenty of yachts that will allow pets, but it’s best to ask either the broker or the captain before you come ready to hit the waves with a furry friend in tow. Follow the “barefoot” rule Many yachts have expensive teak decks that can easily be dented by a high heel or scuffed with a hard black-sole shoe. Get around this by taking off your shoes. Check if smoking is permitted It’s almost universal that smoking is prohibited inside the cabin, but smokers should check with the broker or the captain for on-deck smoking rules. If it’s permitted, then the most considerate spot to enjoy a cigar or cigarette is on the stern of the yacht.

While aboard

Enjoying yourself on a beautiful yacht is an easy task to accomplish. It’s your time to sit back, relax and leave the hard responsibilities to the crew. However, to make the most of your trip, please respect the crew. They go out of their way to make your voyage the best it can be.
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