Yacht Charters at (English) Catalina


Catalina Island is all about nature and romance. It is the last Shangri-La on the ocean located 30 miles offshore from crowded Los Angeles coastal line. The island is part of Channel Island National Park. 90% of the island is covered by wilderness and it is not reachable by tourists.

Catalina island is famous for its crystal clear water surrounding the entire island. People in Southern California often say “it’s a destination like Hawaii but you don’t have to pay the flight tickets”. It is known for its diving adventures and fishing funs.

There are 2 developed areas in this island, Avalon City and Two Harbor Village. Avalon has all sorts of restaurants and attractions for tourists along with series of hotels. Two Harbor is just a small village with one restaurant, one lodge facility and it is ideal for nature lovers who enjoys the nature and loves the camping lifestyle.

Things to do in Catalina Island: Paradise for swimming, snorkeling, diving, fishing, camping, kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, biking, just great for most of outdoor activities

How to get to Catalina Island? There is daily ferry service from San pedro to Avalon year around, 3 times a week ferry service from Avalon to Two Harbor. Onboat has many choices to let you enjoy Catalina Island in style with a private yacht rentals. We will tailor it towards your unique needs from 6 up to 18 passengers.

Quick Facts

Suggested Airport
(English) Los Angeles Intl
Average Temperature
(English) 69.9°F / 21°C
Annual Sunny Days
(English) More than 280
Best Boating Season
(English) Year round
Stay Aboard Index
(English) 4 stars

(English) Hawaii of Southern California

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