Yacht Charters at 美国加州旧金山


旧金山,SAN FRANCISCO建市与1790年,紧挨着广阔的太平洋和旧金山海湾。在美国,旧金山是一座很有特色的城市,兼具了古典的优雅和创新的IT科技中心。

旧金山,SAN FRANCISCO建市与1790年,紧挨着广阔的太平洋和旧金山海湾。在美国,旧金山是一座很有特色的城市,兼具了古典的优雅和创新的IT科技中心。整个城市的地形依山傍海,大部分的老城区建立在小山坡上,地形特别陡峭。旧金山同时也是全美国首屈一指的旅游目的地,独特的历史风貌,现代文明和山海相结合的地形深深地吸引了来自全世界的游客。在这里,泛舟与海湾里,您可以穿越雄伟的金门大桥,环绕神秘的恶魔岛,从海上看美丽的旧金山市中心,渔人码头,北湾的秀丽山脉和豪宅区也尽收眼底。您可能看过世界上的很多海,但旧金山的海湾是如此独特神奇,会给您留下永远难忘的回忆。

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Quick Facts

Suggested Airport
Average Temperature
59°华氏度 15摄氏度
Annual Sunny Days
大于 250 天
Best Boating Season
Stay Aboard Index
2 星

(English) Why charter a boat in San Francisco


OnBoat has curated a wide choice of San Francisco yacht rentals. We can find your perfect party boat rental San Francisco style, a catamaran boat rental San Francisco out to the bay for the day. You can also rent a boat San Francisco to Angel Island. Bring your favorite beverages and food for a yacht charter San Francisco style.

A tip to save money when looking for a San Francisco yacht for rent are our Oakland yacht rentals, Sausalito yacht rentals, Oakland boat rental, and yacht rental Berkley options. Many of these yachts for rent can also pick up downtown for a small additional fee. Next time you are in town, check out our San Francisco boat rentals. Book a wedding, bachelorette party, or corporate event from our party yacht rentals San Francisco. Nothing beats treating your friends and loved ones to a San Francisco boat rental. Charter your next birthday party boat has never been easier. The yacht can also serve as a perfect venue for team building and corporate events.


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How to rent a yacht in 美国加州旧金山?

When looking to charter a yacht in San Francisco, CA, OnBoat has made the process easy for you. With OnBoat, your San Francisco yacht rental is just a few clicks away. Then, you’re ready to set sail . We curate only the best boating experiences in the area. You can rest easy knowing you’re going on the perfect adventure. To get started, look through our San Francisco private boat rentals, find the style of yacht that you love and that fits your party size, then click “Book Now!” After you select the departure date, you’ll be sent a confirmation email. Lastly, get ready to take to the seas. For assistance booking your luxury yacht rental in San Francisco, contact us at 1-844-500-2628 ...Show more

How much does it cost to rent a yacht in 美国加州旧金山?

Is San Francisco Bay among your desired sailing destinations? A beautiful 51 foot sailboat is for you. This magnificent boat can host you and up to 17 additional friends for a trip to remember. Set sail from Oakland, or sail from San Francisco on some other boats You can ask your captain to steer your boat to Alcatraz, or sail to the golden gate bridge. While navigating the waves on this 51-foot French build yacht, you will take in the sights of San Francisco bay, and just relax. Among all the California boat rentals, this one is a must-do.

What yacht charter is popular in 美国加州旧金山?

Choose one of our San Francisco party boats. This a top excursion for San Francisco bay boat rentals. You’ll embark from downtown or Berkley and enjoy a party on the water with your friends and family, as you take in the smell of the ocean breeze and sights around San Francisco. A yacht party in San Francisco is the perfect getaway for you and your closest friends.

What charter to choose: Schooner in San Francisco

Embarking from downtown is a schooner replica perfect for parties on San Francisco bay. You’re in for a fantastic aquatic adventure by choosing this San Francisco yacht rental for your large group. You and your party of up to 40 will ride on this beautiful replica of a historic schooner sailing boat. You and your boating party will be treated with gorgeous views of the San Francisco Harbor, the Alcatraz and Angel Island, and the famous golden gate bridge. If you’re looking for a group boat rental out of San Francisco then the Fitz Hugh Lane is the yacht for you. This is also perfect for a yacht party on San Francisco bay.

What to do before you board a charter boat in 美国加州旧金山?

Setting sail out on a yacht can be an exhilarating experience. To get the most out of it, keep a few things in mind. First, when voyaging avoid wearing high heels or hard-soled shoes, as these can cause expensive damage to the deck. Also bring some form of sunblock to protect your skin from dangerous UV exposure. Finally, contact the captain about what to bring aboard and what to keep on shore. Once you’ve booked your San Francisco yacht rental and boarded your boat, enjoy the ride!
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