OnBoat Inc.
Location: Waikiki,Honolulu
Capacity: 12 Passengers
Price: $1,649.99
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Wow, Fishing while enjoying Jacuzzi on a 74′ Luxurious Yacht, only happening in Honolulu

Have you ever imagined that one day, you and your loved one, floating in the middle of pristine tropical ocean on a luxurious yacht, enjoy a hot tub, grab glass of wine,then, catch some fishes…….Yes, we are here to make this happen. This fantastic journey starts at Kewalo basin harbor right off Waikiki beach, aboard at this huge and beautiful 74′ yacht, heading to the blue ocean surrounded with sea breeze,while look back, Honolulu sky line and the Oahu island just like a picture. Enjoy a hot tub while cruising, catch some fishes in the world famous big game fishing spot, the day in Hawaii is certainly memorable. Charter this fabulous yacht, you will never regret.
Base price includes 4 hours all inclusive private yacht charter, boarding location is located at Kewalo basin harbor, detailed boarding instruction will be provided once your yacht charter booking is submitted.

Yacht rental trip Details

 A 74 footer custom built luxurious yacht, cared by her beautiful lady owner, super clean.Fully equipped working kitchen, Jacuzzi, fishing gear, snorkel gear all included

A friendly and knowledgeable local captain, a crew member are ready to serve you

Average 10 knots

 4 hours from leaving the dock,extra hours are available while book the boat

 Approximately 12 miles

12 passengers

 Complimentary bottle water

 Boat, captain, fuel, Port fee are all included in the price

 Amenities :Deep Sea Fishing, Snorkeling gear are included

Activities during the tour

 Beautiful harbor,Waikiki beach,Honolulu Coast line,Diamond head, Oahu mountains, pristine tropical water, rainbows over the ocean

Sea turtles, dolphins, Sea birds are very often been spotted year around. Whales are seasonal

Fishing,snorkeling, swimming, paddle boarding

Just enjoy the ocean and sea breeze with over tropical water

 Small party, proposal, romantic getaway, sweet marriage anniversary

Yacht charter Route Map for reference:

Onboat Safety boating Announcement: In order to maintain our top safety standard, All Onboat boats are fully equipped with safety gear according to federal regulations, all captains in service are furnished with valid Coast Guard captain licens