Yacht Charters at Long Beach

Port of Los Angeles

When you embark upon a boat in Long Beach, you will travel through one of the largest container ports in the USA, where you will marvel at the sci-fi like, giant robotic cranes and huge ships. Once you clear the docks on your Long Beach yacht rental, the view changes dramatically. Unlike the other nearby, much more confined harbors, the view from your rental boat in Long Beach harbor is vast and oceanic. This is because the harbor is defined by stone breakwaters, not land. Boats in San Pedro nearby sail close to the beautiful hills of Palos Verdes, which means “green trees” in Spanish. These neighbor cities also have top rated art museums, music festivals, cultural parades, beaches, great restaurants, and attractions, including two aquariums, the Queen Mary ocean liner and the USS Iowa, a towering 871 foot battleship that helped win WWII. The best way to see this important part of greater Los Angeles is to rent a yacht in San Pedro or to charter a yacht in Long Beach. The classy Ibiza party boat in Long Beach is very popular with people from nearby Los Angeles and Newport beach looking for a recently updated, classy yacht charter in Long Beach nearby to party on. Either way, don’t miss this diverse and interesting area of land and sea.

Quick Facts

Suggested Airport
Long Beach Airport
Average Temperature
79.8°F / 26.5°C
Annual Sunny Days
More than 330
Best Boating Season
Year round
Stay Aboard Index
4 stars