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Hire a Boat in Barbados

Barbados, first settled by the Arawak and Carib Indians, explored by the Spanish, and later settled colonized by the English, became among the earliest and largest settlements of the English in the New World in the 1620’s. Under slavery, Barbados was among the largest producers of sugar and rum, generating more trade than all the other English colonies combined. Along with Boston, the Barbados capital of Bridgetown was among the three largest English cities, and home to such notable as Blackbeard to pirate. Barbados finally became an independent country in 1966, with Queen Elizabeth as titular monarch.
The true treasures of this island are only accessible by a Barbados charter yacht. The warm, crystal clear waters, with visibility up to 70 feet, perfect for snorkeling and swimming. Be sure to rent a charter boat in Barbados to take in the full beauty of this tropical wonderland. Many people also like to hire a catamaran in Barbados all for themselves and family. OnBoat has private captained charter boats in Barbados for your choice of luxury sailing. A private yacht hire in Barbados will be a high point of a trip to this beautiful island.

Quick Facts

Suggested Airport
Grantley Adams International Airport
Average Temperature
74°F / 24°C
Annual Sunny Days
More than 280
Best Boating Season
Year round
Stay Aboard Index
5 stars