What is the biggest thing in the entire world, sitting in plain sight from Los Angeles that few visitors to the area ever see or even realize exists?

Answer: The Pacific Ocean!

A short charter boat ride out to sea, and, you will think you are on a different planet. Welcome to the real world, a world of birds, marine mammals, soaring headlands, and often, snowcapped mountains far inland. Catalina looms mysteriously in the distance like the island of Bali Ha’i fame, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81NROmUb7o0 .

The ocean has a changeable disposition, with no two moments in time alike. Therefore, you are guaranteed to have a unique experience. When you are in Los Angeles, hop on down to the ports of Marina Del Rey, or nearby Newport beach, and, experience the thrill of the sea. OnBoat has curated a collection of every shape and size private charter boat you could possibly want to rent in the Los Angeles, and elsewhere. Let OnBoat be your guide to the stunning off shore. If you are extra adventurous, we can even help you arrange a trip to Catalina.