Visitors come to Miami for its beaches and beautiful watery environs. The Miami area comprises the protected waters of Biscayne bay, and, the barrier island of Miami Beach, itself a separate city, a thin barrier island crammed with hotels, restaurants, and, of course, its world famous beaches. Many of the most interesting areas in Miami are accessible only to boaters. If being a voyeur is your style, you can only see many of the mansions of the rich and famous from off shore. Charter a boat in Miami and float past the homes uber mansions of the rich, the famous, the infamous, and various robber barons, drug lords, and other people who would prefer to enjoy their ill-gotten gains in splendid anonymity. Off shore, and now owned by Biscayne National Park, is Stiltsville. This is a collection of dwellings built on stilts on sand bars during prohibition, so party goers could have a drink outside what was at that time the territorial limit of the USA. Biscayne Bay itself is an amazing natural attraction. The sand bar is famous among the locals and insiders to the ocean scene. Rent a boat and relax on the shallow, warm tropical waters. Charter a catamaran in Miami and enjoy the view of the city over the water. Snorkel among Mangroves with sting rays and fish. Beautiful coral reefs are accessible within a day trip. However, the best thing of all to do is to simply “Chillax” or chill out and relax, as the locals say, with your loved ones and friends. A yacht rental Miami style is definitely the way to go here!