[quote align=”center”]Burial at the Sea, Scattering ashes at the Sea in Los Angeles with OnBoat[/quote][space height=”40″] Life began in the sea and in time everything returns to the sea. A small group of people on a private charter boat to scatter ashes in Los Angeles is one may to memorialize the passing of a loved one. Los Angeles Sea Burial Services are currently available out of Marina Del Rey by OnBoat. The ocean is all about the interplay of light and water. Burial by ash scattering at sea is a letting go of your loved on into the light. Light is eternal. According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, time in a photon, the particles that make up light, is stopped relative to you. This means that for a photon of light, all eternity will pass in an instant. In this sense, you a already looking at something that is out of time, and, therefore, out of the universe itself. It is important to realize that unlike a funeral service in Los Angeles on land, there will be no memorial to visit. In this sense, this is truly a letting go into the next life. The sea itself is the memorial, to remember your loved one by every time you see the sunrise over the water, or in a sea shell washed ashore. If you decide that the Los Angeles sea burial service is appropriate for you, OnBoat has a wide range of charter boats to choose from for your Los Angeles sea memorial service. Many of our boat captains will assist you by piloting the boat for an ash scattering in Los Angeles service that you may organize for your loved one.