Miami is more Caribbean and Latin than North American, a true gateway between cultures with a patios of the Spanish, French, African, and American. There are areas of amazingly vivacious street life, as walkable as any très chic section of a major European city. Greater Miami has an endless diversity of neighborhoods. There is Miami Beach, which is actually a city in and of itself, and also a barrier island famous for super models, art deco architecture, and, of course, a beautiful beach. This is also upscale Coconut Grove, with its quaint shops and the Fairchild Botanic garden. For a Cuban flair visit Little Havana for some home cooked quality Cuban food. Miami also has the design district, many universities and schools, many museums, galleries, concert halls, musical venues, and frequent festivals and events.

Yet, once you get there, you may soon feel the seduction of something far larger, the sea. Miami practically embraces the ocean, from the beautiful Biscayne Bay, to the barrier island of Miami Beach. A boat is the best way to experience this city, which really shines when viewed from the water. Biscayne Bay is sparkling clear, right down to the bottom. “Chillax”, as the local say when they mean chill out and relax. Chartering your own private luxury yacht in Miami is a wonderful way to enjoy the day with friends and loved ones. Spend the day on a sandbar in the bay, on the deck of a charter catamaran, let the wind take your sailboat. Rent a boat in Miami to cruise along the skyline to see the waterfront mansions of the rich and famous. For the adventurous, longer trips by motor yacht can be arranged to pristine coral reefs. And, soon, OnBoat will also offer charter boats from Miami to Cuba!