1. Get a Tan – The Hawaiian way

In topical Hawaii, the sun can be very strong. Don’t get burned and marked as a tourist, so remember to limit exposure especially at mid-day. The best way to avoid the strongest sun is to get the gentler sun on a late afternoon or early morning sail. The Hawaiians have another secret to keep their skin hydrated and to give the perfect Hawaiian glow; coconut oil So stop at a local grocery store and pick some up. You can also get rid of those tan lines if you ask the captain to look the other way!

  1. Have a Boat Party

Nothing beats a boat party. Bring your own food and beverages, wine or beer. Use plastic and paperware, as boats and glass are not a good mix. Some of our boats can also provide chef on board to prepare a customized menu, filled with local produce and luxuries.

  1. Discover the Hawaiian ocean

How about simply jumping off your yacht or sail boat and taking a relaxing swim? Ask your captain to anchor your boat and uncover off shore water world of Hawaii. Snorkeling in Hawaii is great exercise and also an amazing leisure activity. Our boat captains know where the best places are to snorkel in Maui, and the nicest spots to snorkel in Oahu. Add some extra fun to your swim by snorkeling in Maui. You can even an underwater camera. A snorkel tour in Maui is a great way to see aquatic life! Turtle and whale watching in Hawaii is also extremely popular in season.

  1. Catch dinner

Charter fishing in Oahu or hiring your private charter fishing boat in Maui may be just the thing. You will have a relaxing time, and, if you get lucky, you can take back your catch for dinner at home!

  1. Read, Write and Take Pictures and Capture the moment

Sailing or yachting, it’s the perfect time to carry your hobby with you! Bring along a couple of books, so you can lie in the sun and catch up on your reading without being disturbed. It is also a great opportunity to write. Your sailboat or yacht could be like your very own writing retreat, with the sea breeze and smell of salt water giving you inspiration for your creativity. Hawaii is also at its most stunning when viewed from off shore. As you cruise by dramatic scenery and lush tropical mountain backdrops, discover Hawaii through your camera lens and capture your holiday–it’s a fun activity as you explore a new destination. This way you can preserve the sailing experience and revisit those special moments anytime, by flicking through an album or sharing on social media for your friends to see.

  1. Watch a Gorgeous Sunset

Hawaii has the most beautiful sunset in the world. Stand there and watch the sun meet the sea, the glorious colors and how they affect the surrounding islands and coastlines — and it is even better when you enjoy it while at sea. Don’t forget your camera! Click away before this perfect photo-op disappears!

To be out on the open sea is a playground for the senses, so what are you waiting for? Check out all of our yachts in Oahu, Hawaii and Maui, Hawaii.