Celebrate your birthday in the nautical tradition by chartering a boat out for your birthday. Boating would be a great choice to celebrate a summer birthday as the weather condition is perfect for boating. You should be glad that you are born in the summer to have the opportunity to celebrate with your friends on board a yacht. Whether it’s your Sweet 16? or the Big 5-0? Regardless, a private charter yacht is a unique way to celebrate your birthday. It truly will be an unforgettable one as our clients have told us it’s “one of t heir best birthdays” they had by chartering a boat. We have a wide range of boat to choose from. You can choose a adventurous sailboat, a stable and comfy catamaran or a luxurious power yacht that can fit between 6 to hundreds of guests. We have your boating needs covered. Open a bottle of champagne and cut up a red velvet cake on board while you enjoy the scenic ocean and views of the downtown. Many of our boats are also equipped with kayaks and paddlebaord if you do not want to get too wet swimming in the ocean. Doesn’t chartering a yacht sound like a perfect way to celebrate your upcoming birthday? What are you waiting for? Book a private birthday yacht now.


The Lagoon 380 Catamaran and Ultimate Catamaran are both very popular options for birthday boys and girls.