Especially these days, completely stress-free travel and entertainment plans are not easy to come by. A private yacht charter delivers. A professional captain guides your on-the-water journey. No worries about driving the boat. During periods when COVID restrictions have become partially lifted, people have been looking for outdoor activities. Chief among options that check pandemic-related safety boxes is recreational boating. Boating offers a way to enjoy the outdoors while avoiding the crowds and interactions involved with conventional travel, indoor dining, amusement parks, sports, and concerts. As a result, the boating industry is being hit with a tsunami of unprecedented demand. Yacht sales are reported to have increased by 41%. Boatbuilders have likewise been overwhelmed. There is also a huge increase in first time customers new to boating.

A far better option for most people is a charter yacht. Chartering makes more economic sense than owning a yacht. A top-of-the-line yacht may easily cost upwards of $300,000, merely for a 40 foot model. This is without going into slip fees, taxes etc. Chartering a yacht makes more sense and is hundreds of times more economical. If you split the cost among friends, chartering a yacht is a very good deal indeed.

There is very limited inventory of charter yachts in major US ports. When booking your yacht, it is very important to do so well in advance. We also advise to take a day off during the week, so that you may have the best choice of boats. Except for party boats, most boats allow you to bring your own prepared food and alcoholic drinks. Boat captains are very hard working and care a lot about your boating enjoyment. Please tip them for service. According to coast guard regulations, when you charter a boat, the captain works directly for you. When you receive that person’s contact, please communicate with him directly any concerns, including asking the captain to wear a mask or to take extra care cleaning the boat. Please be sure to wear a mask when at the dock. People who live in immediate families do not need to wear masks when together by themselves.

OnBoat makes renting a boat easy. You may simply book a boat online, or, if you see a note to contact us first, this means you should email or call before booking to ask us to better check availability. OnBoat charter yachts in Los Angeles, boat rentals in Boston, and pleasure yachts in Honolulu, San Diego, Miami, New York etc., are all very popular. We have also recently had the pleasure of introducing more and more first time boaters. The beautiful blue ocean is waiting for you.