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San Diego Yacht Charters

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The Finest City in America

San Diego is California’s second largest city, and was California’s first city. This teaming modern metropolis also has over a dozen historic districts and great natural biodiversity, including an old Italian neighborhood, and parks with many rare species and flora endemic to no other place, such as the Torrey pine, a beautiful species amazing for its extreme locality. This is also one of the best birdwatching places in the US especially on a boat in San Diego. There are also over 92 golf courses, one of the best zoos in the world, great museums, including the USS Midway. Last but not least, San Diego Bay is world class. A boat charter in San Diego is the best way to experience this great natural feature.

Quick facts

Suggested Airport
San Diego Intl
Average Temperature
68°F / 25°C
Annual Sunny Days 
More than 300
Best Boating Season
Year round
Stay Aboard Index
5 stars

San Diego Yacht Charter and Boat Rental

Yachting at San Diego

Why charter a private yacht in San Diego

There are many reasons that make chartering a yacht in San Diego a popular option. For Yacht rentals San Diego is amazing thanks to a climate rated as one of the world’s best. No matter what the season, there is usually great weather in San Diego. Yacht rentals in San Diego take you out on the huge, sparkling, harbor, ringed by the colorful downtown skyline, the bay bridge, Coronado island, and Navy warships. There are countless things to watch while boating in San Diego. Our San Diego yacht rentals are also popular for bachelor and bachelorette parties, corporate parties, and not to mention a fantastic place for marriage proposals. People who like fishing will enjoy the San Diego deep sea fishing boat rental. Also very popular in season is whale watching in San Diego. Catamarans make a perfect party boat in San Diego for family and friends. Hire a boat in San Diego and bring a picnic lunch or your favorite drinks.

Simply choose your favorite yacht rental in San Diego, call us for any question or just book online, then just show up on time and you are good to go. We work hard to make your charter a boat in San Diego affordable and easy. In old California, the bells of the Spanish mission would welcomed boats into San Diego bay. Today, let OnBoat welcome you aboard your private charter yacht in San Diego.

Lies on the Southern Tip of California

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