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Location: Miami, FL
Capacity: 12 Passengers
Price: $1,195
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Welcome to Double Pleasure Catamaran charter in Miami, experience the ultra comfort of a power cat.

A Catamaran yacht feels like a floating dancing floor. It is pure comfort and romance. Depart from Biscayne bay on a sunny afternoon, then lie down on this ample, spacious front deck to enjoy the ocean breeze. Be impressed by the amazing view of the downtown Miami skyline, amid endless crystal clear tropical Atlantic waters. Stop at one of the hidden sandbars right in the middle of Biscayne bay, or enjoy water sports, and then have a cold beer. While sailing over the water, this cat is quiet and steady, with plenty of space for you and your family to enjoy. Come back from the ocean during one of Florida’s renowned sunsets, enjoy a glass of wine, or just be lulled by gentle tropical breezes. Your time in Miami’s watery environs will be unforgettable. Overnight available on this boat, please inquire.
Base price includes 4 hours all inclusive private yacht charter(yacht rental, captain & crew, basic utensils, towls, tax etc, only gratuity is excluded. Some of yacht charter packages also include snacks & beverage, please find out detailed instruction bellow)

Yacht rental trip Details

 A 45′ ( 14 meters ) Catamaran powerboat with plenty of flat space,with air conditioned salon area.

A friendly and knowledgeable local captain and crew member are ready to show you some fun

 Average 10-18 knots

 4 hours from leaving the dock

 Approximately 5-10 miles

12 passengers.

 Complimentary soda, water,and snack food, ice.

 Yacht rentals, captain, crew member, fuel, port fee, and complimentary snacks are all included in the price. Please tip captain and crew member for excellent service. Average tips standard in Miami area for service are 20%

 Amenities : 2 paddle board, 2 kayak, assorted floats and toys. Paddle boarding is only allowed in designated area, please follow instruction of captain.

Yacht charter Route Map for reference:

Onboat Safety boating Announcement: In order to maintain our top safety standard, All Onboat boats are fully equipped with safety gear according to federal regulations, all captains in service are furnished with valid Coast Guard captain license.