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Location: Honolulu
Capacity: 6 Passengers
Price: $599.99
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Welcome to a “three hour tour” on Gilligan’s Cruise Yacht charter in Honolulu,Oahu. span>

See Diamond Head the Hawaiian way. The price includes a 42 foot French Benteau sailboat, and a knowledgeable local captain. During this 3 hour private charter tour, you will be able to see the beauty of Oahu island skyline, the pristine Hawaii water, surrounded by wildlife. The ocean conditions out of Honolulu is year around calm and warm. A great idea to experience tropical ocean in Hawaii. This boat is very comfortable for up to 6, with a big cockpit. Extra fee under “book now” for passengers over 6 people. If you would also like to sknorkel, you need to book at least one exra hours, under “book now”, to have a total of four hours or more, enough time for this.
Base price includes 3 hours all inclusive private yacht charter, boarding location is located at Kewalo basin harbor, detailed boarding instruction will be provided once your yacht charter booking is reviewed by the captain.
Please bring your own towel in case you are planning for snorkel.

Yacht charter Details

A 39 feet French Beneteau Sailboat in excellent condition. Minutes from Waikiki Beach to board the boat

A friendly and knowledgeable local captain is ready to serve you

Average 5 knots

3 hours from leaving the dock,extra hours are available while book the boat

Approximately 12 miles

6 passengers. Can take up to eight for $110 each extra over 6, payable under “book now”

Complimentary bottle water

Boat rental, captain service, fuel, Port fee are all included in the price

Amenities : Snorkeling , gear are included

Activities during yacht rental tour

Beautiful harbor,Waikiki beach,Honolulu Coast line,Diamond head, Oahu mountains, pristine tropical water, rainbows over the ocean

Sea turtles, dolphins, Sea birds are very often been spotted year around. Whales are seasonal

Handling this sailboat is available upon request, snorkeling, swimming

Just enjoy the ocean and sea breeze on the tropical water

Small party, proposal, romantic getaway, sweet marriage anniversary

Yacht charter route Map for reference:

Onboat Safety boating Announcement: In order to maintain our top safety standard, All Onboat boats are fully equipped with safety gear according to federal regulations