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Location: North Miami,FL
Capacity: 8 Passengers
Price: $3,599.99
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Welcome to charter 37‘ Searay express cruiser to Bimini, Bahamas, a paradise 50 miles off Miami Beach .

Now, if you really want go somewhere, a fifty mile hop across the open ocean and you will be in another country, Bimini, the Bahamas. Please be advised that this island lies across a deep channel with rough waters. Therefore this trip is best for experienced boaters . Bimini has long been famous for fishing, powder sand beaches, and turquoise blue waters full of tropical fish. There is a lot to explore, but tread carefully, because side by side with people, houses, resorts, and restaurants, these little islands are also home to lots of wildlife, especially baby ones. Lemon sharks and rays have their nursey in the lagoon. Myriad birds including terns, herons, and the rare white crowned pigeons nest here among the mangroves. Walk the beach and collect some amazing sea shells. You might even find a group of friendly dolphins to swim with. During the amazing sunsets, some people claim to have seen the legendary green flash. Quietly reflect upon the beauty, or take a leisurely stroll through Alice town, where you will find a cozy collection of small shops, bars, and family owned restaurants where you can enjoy local sea food delicacies. Relax a world away yet so close to Miami.

Tour Details

 A 50’ ( 16 meters ) 37′ Searay Express cruiser, with covered and air conditioning cockpit area. Picking up is available in North Miami and Miami beach.

A friendly and knowledgeable local captain and crew member are taking you to Bimini island in style

 Average 18-20 knots underway, 2.5 hours each way

 8-9 hours from leaving the dock, extend to next day is available while book this trip.

 Approximately 110 miles

8 passengers.

 Complimentary water,soda,cooler with ice, towels,please bring your own favorite drinks and food or you may want try a restaurant in the island

 Boat, captain, crew member, fuel, port fee,custom clearance fee for the boat are all included in the price. Please tip captain and crew member for excellent service. **Client’s are responsible for dockage at the Marina of there choice in bimini island. Client’s are also responsible for any overnight hotel accommodations. The fee for clearing customs is $20 per guest in addition to the fee’s above. Captain will clear the vessel and everyone onboard upon arrival. All guests must have a valid passport or they will not be allowed to board the vessel on the scheduled departure date.

 Amenities : 1 paddle board,1 inflatable saloon for your enjoyment.

Activities during the tour

enjoy amazing Bimini island, Bahamas
Colorful tropical fish, coral reef,Dolphins, seabirds

Paddle boarding, snorkeling, swimming

 Small party, proposal, romantic getaway, sweet marriage anniversary

Typical Route Map:

Miami Bimini yacht rental and yacht charter
Onboat Safety boating Announcement: In order to maintain our top safety standard, All Onboat boats are fully equipped with safety gears according to federal regulations, all captains in service are furnished with valid Coast Guard captain license.