OnBoat Inc.
場所: Lake Union, Seattle
定員 : 22 Passengers
価格: $1200

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Welcome to an authentic 1920’s Schooner

Step aboard an authentic early twentieth century sailing schooner. Seattle has an amazing resource in historic boats, and this one is among the best. Schooners were the working boats of yesteryear, for fishing, hauling cargo, and a favorite among pirates for their speed and agility. Schooners were beautifully depicted by the artist Fritz Hugh Lane . The port of Essex, Massachusetts alone made thousands of these in the nineteenth century. Famous schooners include the slave ships La Amistad and Clotide, and the Enterprise of Australia fame. Feel part of history aboard this authentic, hand crafted wooded sailing boat, conveniently located downtown. This boat accepts parties up to 22 passengers, and is also wonderful for smaller groups. Book this popular boat for a high-class private party, or treat your employees and business associates, or add some panache to an event. Your party will become part of the breathtaking views in Seattle.

 A 72 foot schooner replica. Standard picking up location is Lake Union, Seattle.

A friendly and knowledgeable local captain and crew members

Average 5-8 knots

 3 hours from leaving the dock, extra hours are available to add while book this boat

 Approximately 6 miles

Price includes maximum 22 passengers

 Boat, captain, fuel, Port fee, tax and service fee are all included in the price

Route Map:

Onboat Safety boating Announcement: In order to maintain our top safety standard, All Onboat boats are fully equipped with safety gear according to federal regulations, all captains in service are furnished with valid Coast Guard captain license.