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Location: Marina Del Rey
Capacity: 10 Passengers
Price: $799.99
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Welcome to Double Pleasure charter in Marina Del Rey, experience ultra comfort on a Catamaran Sailboat.

A Catamaran Sailboat feels like a floating entertainment console or a dancing floor, it is all about comfort and romantic. Charter this catamaran from Marina Del Rey harbor in a sunny afternoon, then laid back over the front deck to enjoy the ocean breeze and sunshine. Experience the amazing view from catalina island to Malibu Mountains. This comfortable Catamaran will take you all the way from beautiful harbor to the blue pacific ocean. Relax anywhere on the roomy deck, or just have an exciting party over the inviting cockpit saloon. While sailing over the water, she is quiet and steady, with plenty of space for you and your family to enjoy the time.
While sailing over the ocean, stay relaxed and listen to the story of captain’s great adventure crossing pacific ocean on this catamaran.

Tour Details

 A 36’ ( 11 meters) Wild Cat Catamaran Sailboat in excellent condition。4 sleeping cabins,2 heads(restrooms),BBQ grill

A friendly and knowledgeable local captain is ready to serve you as well as necessary crew members

 Average 5 knots

 4 hours from leaving the dock

 Approximately 20 miles

10 passengers.

 Complimentary soda, water and snack food

 Boat, captain, crew member, fuel, port fee, and complimentary snacks are all included in the price. Please tip captain for his excellent service.

 Amenities : 1 paddle board, 2 fishing poles. paddle boarding is only allowed in designated area, please follow instruction of captain.

Route Map:

Onboat Safety boating Announcement: In order to maintain our top safety standard, All Onboat boats are fully equipped with safety gears according to federal regulations, all captains in service are furnished with valid Coast Guard captain license.